Customer Service

At TRG, we are incredibly proud of our customer service and company culture. Our customer service reps are 100% in-house. You’ll know your onboarding manager, have direct contact with our on-site project managers, a line of communication with the CEO, and we’ll always answer when you call.

We promise quick response time, and offer services like returns processing, call centers, and tailored customer service management for you, plus your customers.

People, not Machines

Don’t take us the wrong way: we love our high-powered WMS, modernized warehouses, and we’re always chasing the latest efficiency-boosting tech. But when it comes down to logistics, sometimes you just want to talk to a real person. We’ll admit it, for customer service matters, we like to keep it old school.

Having a direct relationship with us means we’re dedicated to making your logistics as stress free as possible. Our in-house team is there for you every step of the way, and always eager to give you answers, review your stats, and adjust your logistics suite for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Privately Owned, Owner Operated

Your success is our success. As one of our clients, you’ll become a new member of our family, where we treat your customers like our own. Our clients enjoy close relationships with their customer service reps, on-site managers, and even our CEO, Patti Reagan, who can help you make all your game-changing decisions.

Our Commitment

We’re not just a fulfillment center; we’re an extension of your brand. We know about the complexities of running an ecommerce business, and the stress that comes with changes in operations. Our powerful integrations and our seasoned customer service team make sure onboarding is easy, stress-free, and most of all, quick, so you can jump right in to running your business better than ever.

With us as your 3PL provider, you’ll have the benefit of a focused in-house customer service team that treats your issues, questions, and concerns as their own. We are incredibly easy to work with, and we’re proud of it! As our client, we’re there for you every day. When you call, we’ll answer every time, and work just as hard with you as we do here within the TRG family.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read our reviews and see why people love their partnerships with us.

Connect with us

Discover how BetFiery can improve your supply chain and take care of your logistics operations. We’ll help you create a seamless and efficient pathway from production to delivery, giving you the unparalleled advantage of partnering with the best 3PL company there is, regardless of industry or size.

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